Smile Rehabilitation


Smile Rehabilitation

Make a lasting impression with a picture-perfect smile. Your pearly whites are invaluable assets, it is prudent to maintain them. A great smile can instantly make someone more attractive and confident, which is why some people invest in smile makeovers.

At Timothy Elloway DDS, Inc., we employ a variety of dental procedures to ensure your teeth are at their prime for a more brilliant smile.

What is smile rehabilitation?

The objective of smile rehabilitation is to restore or improve your smile so it enhances your appearance while improving your overall oral health.

What is the process of a smile makeover?

The first step is to set an appointment with our dental office. We examine which parts of your mouth might benefit from which procedures, including surgery, enhancements, or restorations.

Since a smile makeover can be complicated depending on your dental condition and hygiene, you may need to set multiple appointments with our dentists.

What are the usual services done for a smile makeover?

Clients who come in for a smile makeover at our practice in Chico, CA, can benefit from a variety of services.

Depending on your dental needs, we may recommend:

  1. Teeth Whitening

The most common way to achieve the perfect smile is to rid your teeth of stains through teeth whitening.
There are many causes of stained teeth:

  • Age – The older a person gets, the more prone their teeth are to losing their luster.
  • Diet – Drinking coffee, tea, wine, and eating artificially colored food can promote yellowing.
  • Lifestyle – Habits such as smoking can also result in poor oral hygiene.

There are two ways to whiten teeth, depending on your lifestyle and availability:

  • In-House Whitening Treatment – For those who can take a few hours out of their schedule for an afternoon appointment with a dentist, our office offers an in-house whitening treatment.

Our whitening services can result in white and shiny teeth up to eight shades lighter in a single appointment.

  • Home Service Whitening Treatment – For those who opt to have a smile makeover within their home’s comfort, our practice in Chico, CA, also offers an at home service whitening treatment.

The procedure involves creating a teeth impression and developing a teeth whitening tray based on your sample model. Because the impression and the whitening tray are fully customizable, both of these tools will fit your mouth snugly.

  1. Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers are also an option for patients who have severely stained or damaged teeth. Come in for a consultation at our clinic, and our experts will gauge if veneers are the right solution for your dental problems. These thin shells fit over the front of your teeth to act as enamel and hide imperfections.

The usual treatment involves tightening the gaps between your teeth, evening out their length, patching up dark stains (which cannot be solved by teeth whitening treatments), and restoring chipped or cracked teeth.

  1. Dental Crowns

For teeth that can no longer be solved by dental veneers alone, dental crowns may be the way to go. Traditional dental crowns are made of metal. But there are disadvantages to this type of dental crown, such as making smiles look unnatural.

Our smile makeovers in Chico, CA, employ more modern solutions. Thanks to development in the world of dentistry, porcelain dental crowns are now available. This material mimics the natural appearance of a tooth, which gives the wearer a more natural smile.

The way dental crowns work is straightforward. The metal or porcelain material wraps around the severely damaged tooth to serve as a protective overcoat. By doing so, the natural tooth becomes more impervious to organisms that can harm your teeth.

Dental crowns are not only for aesthetic purposes. They are also used to recover the basic functionalities of teeth, as teeth needing dental crowns are already severely damaged or broken.

Similar to dental veneers, installing dental crowns can fix gaps in your teeth, even them out, remove stains, and restore chipped or cracked teeth. The primary difference between crowns and veneers is that crowns provide more support to the tooth and are more stable.

  1. Dental Implants

Dental implants are a perfect solution for people with missing teeth. Dentists take a surgical approach to make your teeth look as natural as they can be.

Compared to dentures, dental implants are more durable and serve more functionality. People who have dental implants do not have to worry about losing their teeth while chewing tough food.

Smile Makeover in Chico, CA

The procedures above are some of the most effective dental services used for smile makeovers in Chico, CA.

Remember to consult with our office to help you choose the procedure that best suits you and to avoid any mishaps.

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